Connect your app to your user’s health data

Unlock the power of health data

Terra - API for apps to connect to their user’s fitness data easily | Product Hunt

Supported Devices

One API,
any health data

Health data from your users come from multiple sources, such as Garmin, Fitbit and Oura, in different forms and technologies.

We make sense of them, and give you access in a structured manner, no matter the source

How it works

Within your app, enable your users to choose their service, login, and in just seconds, all of their health data will be automatically connected

Robust infrastructure

Best coverage

We connect and add to our range of integrations with fitness wearables on a daily basis

From developers,
for developers

Our API and SDKs make it fast and easy to build great products and services

Security built by design

Secure athentication and data encryption protocols ensure entreprise level security

Supported by some of the world's leading investors

Build the Future of
Health Apps