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Health data for your users comes from multiple sources, such as Garmin, Fitbit and Oura, in different forms and technologies.

We make sense of data, and give you access to it in a structured manner, no matter the source

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How it works

Install the Terra widget within your app, and enable your users to login, and in just seconds, connect their health data.

Best coverage

We support all the integrations with all the major wearable providers. We are also creating custom integrations, and add more on a daily basis

For developers, by developers

Our API and SDKs make it fast and easy to build great products and services. Our documentations are written by developers.

Security by design

We anonymyse all data, and never store anything in our databases. Fully compliant with GDPR.

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Install within your app, in minutes. Available in Flutter, React Native, iOS and Android.

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For developers, by developers

With just a few lines of code, you can implement Terra in an afternoon.

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Startup Spotlight is an interview series where we ask health, fitness and
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Eight Sleep help's people improve their sleep using data from Terra.

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Terra makes it easy for apps
to connect to all wearables

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Nic Laflamme


If I could super-upvote, I would. I work for Cadoo and we run fitness challenges. We are very happy paying customers of Terra. It's a no-brainer for us. Also, the team is super responsive and will move mountains to reach tight deadlines!

10 upvoteView on ProductHunt

Ali Abramovitz


Terra looks amazing! I used to work at Twilio and have seen the power of APIs to improve people's lives! Super excited to see this play out in the fitness space. Great work @kyriakosel and team!

1 upvoteView on ProductHunt

Mahesh MS


Terra has been a blessing for our fitness app with a plethora of wearables in the Market and integrations with them becoming such a pain. I can say Team Terra are Terrific in helping out and are super amazing with their responsiveness.

1 upvoteView on ProductHunt

Julian Eison | eison.eth


Wow, I have been waiting for this. Great work @TerraAPI @kyriakosel.

Jun 24View on Twitter Web App

David Mehlman


Thanks to @kyriakosel and the whole @TerraAPI team for their partnership and providing such a great product, and for sharing a little peak into what we're building at @ommyx!

May 11View on Twitter Web App



Thank you so much to the @TerraAPI team for the feature and for all you do to help us bring Ommyx to the world! We look forward to working with you

May 11View on Twitter Web App










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