Everything given in one kit

Streamline your code, simplify your workload, and save time by leveraging our mobile SDK to connect with health apps.
Language VarietyPackages available in React Native, Flutter, iOS and others.
Real time dataAccess real time streaming, from devices such as heart rate monitors.
Health status of wearablesThe dashboard makes it easy for you to see if there are issues with wearable APIs.
DocumentationClean documentation and standardised data.
Testing environmentsStaging, development and testing accounts available.
Data generatorDo all your testing with data generated for all your wearable accounts.

How it works

Terra's SDK is used to connect with mobile health providers that do not offer Web APIs, such as Apple Health and Samsung Health.
Simply install our SDK, initiate a connection and start receiving data.

React Native
Initiate a connection
Request data
Get data

Build with ease of use in mind

Fully integrate Terra's SDK in less than 30 minutes
One class, tens of integrations, all the functionality
Consistency across integrations and platforms
One-line installation, regardless of the platform
Anonymised: we never see, or store your data

Versatility at its core

We do the heavy lifting of ensuring compatibility across frameworks so your team doesn't have to. Ensuring ease of use across platforms in Swift, Kotlin, React Native, Flutter. Giving you access to health platforms like Apple healthkit, or allowing you to scan devices like FreeStyle Libre directly.
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pioneer fund
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y combinator
general catalyst

Connect your app to
your users' wearables