Authentication widget to connect your app to all wearables

Unlock the power of health data and authenticate your users wearables in minutes using our pre-built widget.
MultilingualUse our widget in a variety of languages including: Arabic, German, Spanish, English, Finish, Dutch, Portuguese and Swedish.
DocumentationClear documentation providing seamless authentication using either our widget or our authentication end points.
Easy ManagementEasily add, remove, and pause providers through our dashboard, and watch your widget update live.
How the widget works
Terra's API is Web-hook based, delivering your data the moment they become available, via PUSH
Generate authentication URL
User authentication
Start receiving data

What we offer

If you have a health app, fitness app, wellness app, or even a music app, this is for you!
React Native
Available in React Native, Swift, Flutter and in-app browser
Install the widget in React Native, Flutter, or any framework of your choice, and enable all your users to connect their wearable data to you. As simple as that 💪
Instant connections to Freestyle libre, Garmin, Fitbit, Oura, Apple, Withings, Polar, Wahoo, Eight Sleep, Training Peaks, Suunto, Zwift, Google, Samsung, Tempo, Wear OS, Concept 2, Peloton and Others. We are adding more daily
Super clean docs
Here you will find documentations on the Terra API. Terra provides you with a quick and simple way to connect to fitness wearables data to build your app.

Fully customizable

Customize the colour of background, buttons, add your logo and more!

Customise colour
Customise buttons
Add your brand
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pioneer fund
samsung next
y combinator
general catalyst

Connect your app to
your users' wearables