Building the Play to Earn Future with Health Hero

Health Hero is the platform that enables people's lifestyles to cover their basic needs, providing utility tokens as they make healthy decisions

Building the Play to Earn Future with Health Hero

What they do

A decentralized gamified health engagement app that enables people to earn by exercising.

Go by Health Hero

Collect points and other game attributes to level up and earn the chance to win your own digital collectible as you stay active.

How it works

Connect your wearable, and earn points, tokens, and other attributes that you can use to for health-related expenses, food, or in-game purchases.

Go! is blockchain-based well-being and play-to-earn game.


To encourage people to live a healthier life, Go! created online gamified content for consumers and athletes. However, measuring their activity, movement and overall health was a challenge. They needed to find a way to track steps, walking, running, and other activities.


Health Hero collaborated with Terra, through the API and the Widget, in order to bring all the integrations to their Go! platform and app.


Healh Hero now supports all the wearables, and enables people to be healthy & earn digital collectibles.

Learn more from Anthony Diaz

Health Hero has a fascinating story, and they are growing super fast as well. At the end of the podcast, we discussed about mindset and culture, and it was incredible to hear the thoughtful approach and the ideas that Anthony had about the topic.

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