Ultrahuman supports all wearables

Based on Glucose Levels, and CGM sensors, Ultrahuman gives insights on Nutrition and Sleep, to optimise performance

Ultrahuman supports all wearables

What they do

The most advanced metabolic fitness platform. Building the largest community of biohackers and people who love fitness

The app

Ultrahuman uses your CGM sensor, to access your glucose data, and provide you with the right guidance

Ultrahuman M1

The new wearable ring tracks your metabolic biomarkers, and informs you with better insights

Ultrahuman is a metabolic fitness platform that helps you improve your diet and exercise, with the help of glucose biomarkers and elite experts.


Ultrahuman provides insights about your metabolic health. They needed to access your CGM devices, such as Freestyle libre, Dexcom, and your wearable devices, such as Garmin, Fitbit, Oura and others, to allow their customers to connect their data, and create much better insights for them. They had to deal with clunky documentations, establish partnerships, and create the integrations one by one.


Ultrahuman worked with Terra, to integrate with all wearables, through a simple connection with the API, including all CGM sensors.


Within days, the team at Ultrahuman went live with Terra, and became wearable agnostic. They had immediate access from the API, to CGM data, sleep data, nutrition, and others instantly.

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