Eight Sleep now supports wearables

How Eight Sleep improves your sleep with the help of wearable data

Eight Sleep now supports wearables

What they do

Eight Sleep builds technology to help people sleep better.

The technology

The Pod is a Cover that fits onto any mattress to track your sleep and health and adjust your sleeping temperature through the night for optimal recovery.


Tracks sleep and health biometrics without any wearable.

Eight Sleep’s mission is to fulfill human potential through optimal sleep. The company believes that technology can help humans achieve their best recovery every single night.

Its signature product, the Pod, changes the temperature of the bed throughout the night and learns from your individual sleep patterns to optimize based on what you need. By tracking your time slept, sleep quality, HR and HRV, it can constantly learn and improve the experience resulting in an improvement in sleep quality and quantity of deep sleep every night.


As Eight Sleep continues to build intelligence to guide each user to improve their sleep, the Pod systems require more data about what happens during the day that may be affecting the night. Wearables like Garmin, Apple Watch, and Fitbit offer such data from the day activities, however connecting to all of them is challenging and time consuming.


Eight Sleep worked with Terra to connect to all wearables, through a simple connection with the widget.


Within a few months, they were able to enable their users to connect their wearable data to the Pod.

With one integration, Eight Sleep unlocked more than 40 data points and enabled their users to connect multiple wearables to the app.

Learn more from Matteo

Since they build one of the most fantastic products in the world, and they started using Terra to aggregate more data to their product, we scheduled this video podcast, to learn more from Matteo about company building, sleep, wearables, health data and investments in startups.

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