Dexcom Integration
With our Dexcom Integration you can access Body data all within one single integration using Terra. Below are key steps to allow you to integrate your application with Dexcom
dexcom integration
What you need to integrate with Dexcom
dexcom integration steps, step 1
Terra API Key
Once you sign up, we will provide you with an API key used to access our API
dexcom integration steps, step 2
Developer ID
We will provide you with a Developer ID, which allows Terra to identify users that belong to you, and associate API traffic to you.
dexcom integration steps, step 3
Webhook URL
You will need to set up a server (or use a testing environment like https:// that accepts POST requests from Terra
Data Format

All data is sent to your webhook in JSON format in the form of 5 different types of payloads: Body. Depending on your needs, you may select a subset of the aforementioned, and request less data from your users.

Examples of data payloads can be found here. If you would only like to receive specific fields out of the ones available, you may also select only the ones relevant to your needs and omit the rest. The following is an example of the data payload you may expect from an activity coming from Terra.

Receiving data for your Dexcom integration - WEBHOOKS

Whenever data become available from a Dexcom device, they will be streamed to you, via our webhooks. When setting up your Terra account, you will be prompted to provide a callback URL, to which Terra may send PUSH data using POST requests.

Your Dexcom integration with Terra supports instant delivery of data without needing to periodically request it yourself. Dexcom notifies Terra whenever new data is available, following which we POST the normalized data to your webhook.

receiving data from dexcom integration via webhooks to your app or website
Historical data from HTTP requests

You may also use HTTP requests with your Dexcom integration in case you wish to request historical data or data over extended periods of time.

Most HTTP endpoints can take additional parameters start_date and end_date which allow you to request data over a specific period for the given user.

The type of data that Dexcom has
You can access the following data through your Dexcom integration with the Terra API
dexcom integration ACTIVITY datadexcom integration BODY datadexcom integration DAILY datadexcom integration MENSTRUATION datadexcom integration NUTRITION datadexcom integration SLEEP data
dexcom integration data types
Body .JSON