Q: Which devices available through Terra are FDA approved?

MeaningfulFox4 months ago

Is there a list of medical devices integrated by the Terra API that are FDA cleared


Matthewadmin4 months ago

Hey there.

We can confirm that the following devices are FDA approved:

Blood Pressure:

  • Omron Home BMPs
  • Omron Watch (Heart Guide)
  • Withings BPM Connect
  • Withings BPM Core
  • Garmin Index BPM Smart BPM

Weight Scales:

  • Omron Viva
  • Omron HN300T2 Intelli IT
  • Withings Scales: Body Scan
  • Withings Scales: Body Comp
  • Withings Scales: Body Smart
  • Withings Scales: Body
  • Polar Balance
  • Fitbit Aria Air
  • Garmin Index
  • Garmin Index S2


  • Withings Thermo
  • iHealth Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer


  • FreestyleLibre 2
  • FreestyleLibre 3


  • Withings Scan Monitor (device embdedded into withings devices). Example: ScanWatch