Q: Testing webhook on development server with Terra

ProgressiveBee4 weeks ago

I have been trying to setup a webhook on my development environment with Terra API but I keep recieving the message "Failed to reach url https://localhost:8080", what am I missing here or are there some other configurations I must setup?


Matthewadmin4 weeks ago

Hi there,

The issue here is that Terra (like most APIs) can only access URLs that are publically available via the internet. However it seems you are attempting to provide a loopback URL which is only available within your machine and local testing environment; if you wish to test your local server with Terra, try using a software like Ngrok like so:

  1. Setup Ngrok by creating an account and downloading the CLI tool
  2. Open your terminal and navigate to your project
  3. Run the command ngrok http 8080
  4. Copy the Forwarding url + your webhook path
  5. Paste this on the dashboard when setting up your webhook

ProgressiveBee4 weeks ago

Got it, it's working now