Q: Terra iOS 1.13.16 background sync is not working

AgriculturalToad1 month ago

I am working on an iOS fitness app and we are trying to sync steps data into our firestore, but there are no events coming through to our database. We are using TerraiOS === 1.3.16 and native swift. We have followed all the steps in the iOS setup guide from here. What can we do to debug this?


Matthewadmin1 month ago

Hey there,

Would you be able to upgrade to the latest TerraiOS package version that is supported and compatible with your project. There have been many patches since that release that improve background delivery functionality.

AgriculturalToad1 month ago

Upgraded to 1.15.1 and it seems pretty stable. Delivery is now functioning and we are getting 1-2 payloads per hour. Seems like that fixed it