Q: How to setup Capacitor SDK

DrunkLungfish1 month ago

Hello, In one of the posts it says , Terra SDK supports Capacitor but don't see any documentation pertaining to it .

Is terra-capacitor ( https://www.npmjs.com/package/terra-capacitor?activeTab=readme ) good to integrate ?


Chandruadmin4 weeks ago


Our Terra Capacitor SDK works in the same way as our terra-react package. For the general idea of integration, (we will reference functions found here:

For installation:

npm install terra-capacitor npx cap sync

After installation, you will have to run initTerra every time the app starts. Once completed, you can run initConnection for users that wish to connect to APPLE_HEALTH or SAMSUNG. You do not need to run this function if the user has already been connected previously. You can use the getUserId function to check if they have been connected previously or not.

After this, you may directly call the getter functions to request for data (i.e getActivity, getDaily, and etc.) For background delivery, please follow the native setup as shown here

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