Q: Samsung Health with Apple Health

SpecifiedOstrich1 month ago

Hi There

I am writing to inquire about the possibility of syncing Samsung Health data with Apple Health using your platform.

Could you please provide information on whether your platform supports these methods for data synchronization between Samsung Health and Apple Health? If so, could you guide me on how to set this up?


Chandruadmin3 weeks ago

Hey there!

We do support retrieving health and fitness data from both Apple Health and Samsung via our Mobile SDKs. Using one of our cross platform sdk solutions, either Flutter or React-native, you can build a cross-platform app for both platforms, our sdk will determine the type of device (iOS or Samsung) and retrieve the appropriate data.

I am unsure what you mean by syncing Samsung Health data with Apple Health, could you clarify further? If a user has a Samsung device and an Apple device, you can consolidate both users by providing a reference_id with authenticating them - this way you will be able to determine that two devices belong to the same user.