Q: Limit data retrieved from Fitbit

IntactLemming1 month ago

We recieve massive payloads from Fitbit containing information we don't need like SpO2 samples, but we would like to keep other measurements such as heart rate and steps. Where can we modify the payloads to only retrieve the data points we are interested in, thanks


Elliottadmin1 month ago

Hey there

If you wish to limit the scopes available to your users (the scopes enquired in the OAuth screen when authenticating), choose which scopes you would like and contact the Terra team:

  • weight
  • temperature
  • sleep,settings
  • location
  • nutrition
  • electrocardiogram
  • respiratory_rate
  • profile
  • oxygen_saturation
  • cardio_fitness
  • activity
  • heartrate

We will limit the scopes more granularly on our side