Q: Setup iOS connection for Apple Health

SmallWhitefish1 month ago

As part of our onboarding of a newly registered user we are displaying the widget listing the available providers, such as Apple, Garmin and Oura.

It works well to authorise with every single one of those however only Garmin and Oura work well with delivering new data as the day goes by.

For Apple, it only works if we have the Apple permission-pop:up being displayed before user sees the widget with the providers, meaning it forces user to accept Apple, even if they want to use eg. Oura.

Our wish would be to have it working so that the background delivery works with Apple Health but that the permission-pop:up is displayed and the background delivery is triggered/accepted when user actually selects Apple as the wearable provider they want to use.

We are using Flutter for mobile development. Any ideas how we could make it work?



Chandruadmin1 month ago

Hey there

Yes, it is completely possible to let users connect Apple at a later point in the authentication flow. Using the Terra Widget, supply an auth success redirect which deeplinks to a handler in your app that will trigger the Apple permissions pop-up when the user opts to connect Apple Health. Terra iOS background delivery should function and execute as expected as long as you follow our setup guide

Currently, the Connect Apple button on the Terra widget only functions to redirect to your auth_success_redirect_url where you will have to use the TerraiOS sdk function initConnection to gain user permissions

Hope that clarifies things!