Q: How to setup Strava API connection?

DampEarthworm4 months ago

On the dashboard, there is a lock icon on the Strava connection and it says that it requires dedicated credentials. Where can I get these credentials?


Jeffadmin4 months ago

Hi there To get setup with Strava, you must create a Strava account, then navigate to Settings > API and create an application. When creating the application, you must set the Authorization callback domain to api.tryterra.co (ensuring there is no scheme i.e 'https://') so that you can connect Strava Accounts to Terra API. Then, copy the client ID and client secret you recieve and submit these on the dashboard. To submit the keys, navigate to Dashboard > Connections > Strava > Edit and enter the keys in the pop-up and hit save. You should now be able to recieve and request data from Strava through Terra API!