Q: How frequently will we get data from Terra's API

CulturalMollusk3 months ago

Will Terra send data with a massive delay or will new updates from my fitbit or garmin be sent to our webhook immediately. How long will data take to be sent?/


Chandruadmin3 months ago

Hey, Terra sends data payloads as soon as they become available and are synced with the provider's cloud. For example, when a new activity is synced from your Fitbit to the Fitbit cloud, we receive a ping and we fetch, normalise and deliver the activity payload with minimal latency. For SDK based integrations i.e Apple and Samsung, the data will be instantly synced from our SDK with our API and transmitted to your webhook. With some providers like Oura, we poll the data with their API at 5min intervals - but you can always make a HTTP request with our REST API to get the data you need, on demand