Q: How far back can I request for health data through Terra API

MonthlyChimpanzee4 weeks ago

Is there a limit to how far back in time I can request for health data. Can I request data before a user is connected to the Terra API and is there a limit to how many times I can request for the same data.


Alexadmin4 weeks ago


Terra API itself does not restrict how far back you can perform a request, however some providers do impose restrictions:

  • Polar: you cannot make a request before the user connects to Terra
  • Garmin: activity payloads can only be queried for the last 5 years, other payloads for the last 2 years
  • Samsung: payloads can only be queried for the last 30 days

Some providers prevent the same data being retrieved multiple times from their servers. Fortunately, as long as the data is available, Terra intelligently caches payloads that would be otherwise lost, so that you can repeatedly request the same data without worrying about these restrictions.