Q: How can I display a graph in my mobile app

HandsomeCockroach1 month ago

I noticed that the Graph API is URL based. How would i be able to render the graph in my iOS app without using a web app, if that makes sense?

Please advise.

MultipleMandrill1 month ago

Yes! I was wondering the same thing. How is it possible, anyone know?


Alexadmin1 month ago

Hey there,

You can display a Graph API graph in your mobile App by using a Webview component or an iframe, then passing in the url following url:


Make sure to replace the USER-ID with the Terra user_id your receive after authenticating the device

You can create the graph on Dashboard > AI Tools > Graph API and describing your ideal graph using our chat bot. Then after you have finished customising your graph, press the Copy URL button and you're set!

HandsomeCockroach1 month ago

thank u.