Q: Handling Garmin REST request

JudicialBeetle1 month ago

When I make a request to get activity data for Garmin, I recieve a payload with the message "Request is processing, try again later" even though I had not made a request prior to this. Is this caused by a rate limit? Will this occur for other integrations as well


Chandruadmin1 month ago

Hey there

When making a REST API request to Garmin, Terra will return this message if the request is being made for the very first time for a given period. This is due to the delay in aggregating and forming the data payload on Garmin's end. However, if you re-request for this period, Terra will fetch the data from cache and return it instantly and the same applies for data sent to your webhook, which is already cached.

This only applies to Garmin and is a restriction on their end.