Q: How to get activity data from the WebSocket Api

PerfectAngelfish1 month ago


I wanted to integrate Terra websocket API for getting real time activity data, also I followed the Terra official document and successfully enabled the socket but when I have added the activity through Google Fit app then those activity data didn't received in socket. So please help me if anybody have the experience about the Terra Websocket API integration with mobile app in React Native.



Elliottadmin1 month ago


In this case, you should use our Webhook Terra API! Upon activity completion, you will get a webhook detailing the activity including a significant number of data points.

The Websocket API, can be used to stream heart rate data from a wearable in real time, but is not used for getting stored data from Google Health - this is where our REST api comes in

ForthcomingOx1 week ago

okay this is very helpful for me thanks...