Q: Do I need a mobile app to connect to Terra?

FluffyMeerkat3 months ago

Do I need to create a mobile app to use the Terra API? We are building a web application using Python and the django framwork. Would we also have to develop a mobile app along side to get the Terra integration working.


Matthewadmin3 months ago

Hello there,

To take advantage of the majority of integrations, you won't need to build a mobile app. You can access almost all Terra supported integrations using our REST API via http requests. To access Apple Health and Samsung Health Connect data however, you will need a mobile app that implements one of our Terra SDK - we offer flutter and react-native solutions for cross-platform support. To get started with our SDKs, checkout our docs.

Alternatively, you can use our Terra Avengers app, which is already available on the App Store, to allow users to connect their apple device to your account. This app syncs the user's daily data as they use their phone in the background via Terra's background delivery functionality. All you have to do is provide your user with a widget url generated with the use_terra_avengers_app parameter set to true which will redirect the user to the Avengers app and ask for the necessary permissions.