Q: Can I use Terra API endpoints without webhooks?

HighCondor1 month ago

I do not wish to create a Webhook and wait for user data. I want 2 weeks of user data the moment they connect.


Alexadmin1 month ago

Yes, you can set 'to_webhook' to false and directly get data via request return, which is useful for development and testing, but can also be used in production. For example, the following request will get you 2 weeks of activity data:

curl --location 'https://api.tryterra.co/v2/activity?user_id=[USER-ID]&start_date=2024-03-01&to_webhook=false&with_samples=true' \ --header 'dev-id: [YOUR-DEV-ID]' \ --header 'x-api-key: [YOUR-API-KEY]'

However, if you wish to query more than one month of data in a single request - you will need to have a webhook or alternate destination setup as we will send the data in batches. Or you can break up the quest into several requests with smaller time ranges.

ManagerialWalrus1 month ago

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