Q: Can I remove Terra’s branding from the widget

CasualCow3 months ago

I would like to remove the Terra logo and style from the widget entirely. Ideally we would only want our Logo and privacy policy. Could we also change the structure of the widget


Matthewadmin3 months ago

Hi there,

You are able to configure the logo, company name and policy link on your dashboard by navigating to Settings > Business Info and updating the details.

If you wish to implement your own UI for authentication, you can use our /authenticateUser endpoint which will generate a URL that takes your user straight to the Auth page for the integration you wish to connect. For example:

  1. Create a button on your site, for example Connect Google, which would make a get request to an endpoint in your backend
  2. The backend server makes a POST request to https://api.tryterra.co/v2/auth/authenticateUser?resource=GOOGLE with the necessary body parameters.
  3. Redirect to the auth_url returned in the body of the response

This way, you have full control over the Authentication UI.