Q: Can I get the sleep and activity data from Samsung watch directly through Terra?

DoubleSturgeon2 months ago

I already have the privileged partnership with Samsung; if I use Terra, Is it possible to get both raw data from privileged SDK, sleep and activity data from the watch as well without needing any mobile companion app.


Elliottadmin2 months ago


Unfortunately we do not support activity and sleep data specifically from the privileged Samsung watch SDK at the moment. Data from the privileged SDK are raw sensor data and are pre-processed in most cases.

Terra could however help you access activity and sleep data (processed, such as total REM sleep, total light sleep, etc.) directly from Samsung Health using their native Samsung SDK or using Health Services framework for Wear OS!


DoubleSturgeon2 months ago

Does it requires a mobile app in addition to terrasdk in watch if I need data such as sleep cycle?


Chandruadmin1 month ago


You will not need to write an app for the WearOS if you do not require realtime streaming (live data with 0-2 seconds of latency). Using our standard mobile SDKs, you can retrieve all the data that is synced into Samsung Health